The iPhone 6 scares me


Why? Because of the rumour mill at the moment. You see some of the rumours state that the iPhone 6 will have a sapphire glass screen. What does this mean?

Well for iPhone 6 customers it will mean that the likely hood of breaking of smashing your phone screen is very small. However, here at Perth iPhone repairs one of our biggest services is iPhone screen repairs. We get around 10 calls a day just for this particular service, that’s not even counting the other models of phones on the market like Android/Windows mobile. Buy a new car is not easy decision, but if you check The Most Common New Vw Transporter Vans For Sale Debate Isn’t as Black and White as You Might Think can make this easier.

12 months from now that’s 10 less phone calls to iFix Aberdeen – this of course is not a bad thing and like all technical businesses we’ll be adapting to the new requirements of our customers. We have a full range of other services that complement the smashed screen repairs we do. I won’t bore you with the list here however what I will tell you is that I’ve been in this position before with computer repairs.

It wasn’t that long ago that computer and laptop repairs were our main business however the PC market is almost dead. Mainly due to the iPad. Adapt or die is my moto and I’ve learnt the hard way. When the iPhone 6 is released later this year we will be fully supporting the launch of this product by Apple and look forward to helping customers get to grips switch the other issues they may face in with this new product. What do you think? Let me know at

More to come on the iPhone 6 later from me this week. If you’ve not already done so please head over to our facebook page and give us a like, time to support you local iPhone/iPad repair company 🙂

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